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Une Saint-Valentin en métal

9 février 2019

Bruyant le métal ? En général, oui... Mais pour la Saint-Valentin voici une sélection tout en douceur, des ballades pour faire chavirer les coeurs. Et parfois des envolées de guitares, c'est du métal après tout !

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Born to touch your feelings : best of rock ballads

Sony Music

Born to touch your feelings. Still loving you. Wind of change. Always somewhere. Send me an angel. Holiday. Eye of the storm. When the smoke is going down. Lonely nights. Gypsy life. House of cards. The best is yet to come. When you came into my life. Lady starlight. Follow your heart. Melrose avenue. Always be with you



Stargazers. Gethsename. Devil & the deep dark ocean. Sacrament of wilderness. Passion and the opera. Swanheart. Moondance. The Riddler. The pharaoh sails to Orion. Walking in the air. Sleeping sun

Use your illusion. I

Guns n' roses

Right next door to hell. Dust n' bones. Live and let die. Don't cry (original). Perfect crime. You ain't the first. Bad obsession. Back off bitch. Double talkin' jive. November rain. The garden. Garden of Eden. Don't damn me. Bad apples. Dead horse. Coma



Benzin. Mann gegen mann. Rosenrot. Spring. Wo bist du. Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before I do). Zerstüren. Hilf mir. Te quiero puta!. Fever und wasser. Ein lied

The triumph of steel


Achilles, agony, and ecstasy in eight parts : Prelude. I, Hector Storms the wall. II, The death of Patroclus. III, Funeral march. IV, Armor of the gods. V, Hector's final hour. VI, Death Hector's reward. VII, The desecration of Hector's body. Part 1, Part 2. VIII, The glory of Achilles. Metal Warriors. Ride the Dragon. Spirit Horse of the Cherokee. Burning. The Power of Thy Sword. The Demon's Whip. Master of the Wind


Oomph !

Beim erstern mal tut's immer web. Labyrinth. FuB tiefer. Wer schön sein will muss leiden. Die Leiter. Lass mich raus. Revolution. Auf Kurs. Bis zum Schluss. In Deinen hüften. Wach auf !. geborn zu sterben. Brich aus

Outlaw gentlemen & Shady ladies


Let's shake some dust. Pearl hart. The nameless one. Dead but rising. Cape of our hero. Room 24 / Feat. King Diamond. The hangman's body count. My body. Lola montez. Black bart. Lonesome rider / Feat. Sarah Blackwood. The sinner is you. Doc holliday. Our loved ones


Led Zeppelin

Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11). Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11)

Angel of retribution

Judas priest

Judas rising. Deal with the devil. Revolution. Worth fighting for. Demonizer. Wheels of fire. Angel. Hellrider. Eulogy. Lochness


Red hot Chili peppers

Around the world. Parallel universe. Scar tissue. Otherside. Get on top. Californication. Easily. Porcelain. Emmit remmus. I like dirt. This velvet glove. Savior. Purple stain. Right on time. Road trippin'



Sever. Frozen. Silhouette of a dancer. No compliance. See me in the shadow. Shattered. The gathering. Daylight lucidity. Sleepwalkers dream. A day for ghosts. Pristine. Bonus track : (Deep) Frozen. The making of lucidity : video as an enhanced element


Deep purple

Stormbringer. Love don't mean a thing. Holy man. Hold on. Lady double dealer. You can't do it right. High ball shooter. The gypsy. Soldier of fortune



Abandon. Unbreakable. Stand my ground. Halcyon days. Fantasy. Out of the fog. Castles in the air. Dragons. One must fall. If the story is over. Nemesis

Anywhere but home


Haunted. Going under. Taking over me. Everybody's fool. Thoughtless. My last breath. Farther away. Breathe no more. My immortal. Bring me to life. Tourniquet. Imaginary. Whisper. Missing

Pandora's toys


Sweet emotion. Draw the line. Walk this way. Dream on. Train kept a rollin'. Mama kin. Nobody's fault. Seasons of wither. Big ten-Inch record. All your love. Helter skelter. Chip away the stone

MTV unplugged


Comin' home. Plaster caster. Goin' blind. Do you love me. Domino. Sure know something. A world without herœs. Rock bottom. See you tonight. I still love you. Every time I look at you. 2,000 man. Beth. Nothin' to lose. Rock and roll all nite

An acoustic night at the theatre

Within temptation

Towards the end. Stand my ground. Caged. All i need. Frozen. Somewhere / Feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen. The cross. Pale. What have you done / Feat. Keith Caputo. Memories. Forgiven. Utopia / Feat. Chris Jones


Lacuna coil

Fragile. To the edge. Our truth. Within me. Devoted. You create. What I see. Fragments of faith. Closer. In visible light. The game. Without fear. Enjoy the silence

Ride the lightning

Blackened Recordings

Fight fire with fire. Ride the lightning. For whom the bell tolls. Fade to black. Trapped under ice. Escape. Creeping death. The Call of Ktulu

Prince of Darkness

Ozzy Osbourne (1948-....)

DC 1 : I don't know (live). Mr. Crowley. Crazy train. Goodbye to romance (live). Suicide solution (live). Over the mountain. Flying high again (live). You can't kill rock and roll. Diary of a madman. Bark at the moon (live). Spiders. Rock'n'roll rebel. You're no different. DC 2 : Ultimate sin (live). Never know why (live). Thank god for the bomb (live). Crazy babies. Breakin' all the rules. I don't want to change the world (demo). Mama, I'm coming home (demo). Desire (demo). No more tears. Won't be coming home (S.I.N.) (demo). Perry mason (live). See you on the other side (demo). Walk on water (demo). Gets me through (live). Bang bang (you're dead). Dreamer. DC 3 : Iron man / avec Therapy?. N.I.B. / avec Primus. Purple haze / avec Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo & Geezer Butler. Pictures of matchstick men / avec Type O Negative. Shake your head (let's go to bed) / avec Was Not Was. Born to be wild / avec Miss Piggy. Nowhere to run (vapor trail) / avec Crystal Method, DMX, Ol Dirty Bastard & Fuzzbubble. Psycho man / avec Black Sabbath. For heaven's sake 2000 / avec Tony Iommi & Wu-Tang Clan. I ain't no nice guy / avec Motorhead. Therapy / avec Infectious Grooves. Stayin' alive / avec Dweezil Zappa. Dog, the Bounty hunter. DC 4 : 21st century schizoid man. Mississippi queen. All the young dudes. In my life. Fire. For what it's worth. Sympathy for the devil. Working class hero. Good times. Changes / avec Kelly Osbourne


Reprise Records

The eye of the storm. Immortalized. The vengeful one. Open your eyes. The light. What are you waiting for. You're mine. Who. Save our last goodbye. Fire it up. The sound of silence. Never wrong. Who taught you how to hate. Tyrant. Legion of monsters. The brave and the bold Après cinq ans de break, les américains reviennent en grande forme pour présenter leur sixième album studio. Le groupe de neo-metal révélé par le titre Down with the sickness (The Sickness, 2000) a attendu d'être dévoré par l'envie de travailler sur de nouvelles compositions avant de retourner en studio. L'album a été enregistré avec le producteur Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch) à Los Angeles. Mené par la voix reconnaissable de David Draiman, le groupe livre, en 2015, un disque digne de son premier, avec des pépites comme The light ou la reprise d'une grande intensité de The sound of silence.