Solos de guitare

Le solo de guitare a donné ses lettres de noblesses au rock, certes, mais pas que... On le retrouve aussi dans d'autres genres musicaux : Pop, Chanson, Reggae, Blues... La preuve !

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5 novembre 2017

Cornerstones 1967-1970

Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970)

Hey Jœ. Purple haze. The wind cries Mary. Foxy lady. Crosstown traffic. All along the watchtower. Voodoo chile : slight return. Have you ever been : to electric ladyland. Star spangled banner. Stepping stone. Room full of mirrors. Ezy rider. Freedom. Drifting. In from the storm. Angel. Fire : live. Stone free : live

A night at the opera

Queen (Paris)

CD 1 : Deaath on two legs (dedicated to ...). Lazing on a sunday afternoon. I'm in love with my car. You're my best friend. '39. Sweet lady. Seaside Rendez-vous. The prophet song. Love of my life. Good Company. Bohemian Rhapsody. God save the queen. CD 2 : Bonus EP : Keep yourself alive (long-lost retake, june 1973). Bohemian rhapsody (operatic section a cappella Mix 2011). You're my best friend (backing track mix 2011). I'm in love with my car (guitar & vocal mix 2011). '39 (live at Eaarl's court, june 1977). Love of my life (south american live single, june 1979)

La désintégrale

Axel Bauer (1961-....)

Reveille toi (inedit). A ma place / En duo avec Zazie. Laisse venir. Cargo. Metamorphosis (live). Mens-moi. Revolution / Avec Catherine Ringer, Fred Chichin et Jean-Louis Aubert. Qui me protège ? (inedit). Eteins la lumiere. Jessy. Personne n'est parfait. Simple d'esprit. Le jardin sauvage. 00 zen (live)


Pink Floyd (groupe)

Disque 1 : Shine on you crazy diamond. Astronomy domine. What do you want from me. Learning to fly. Keep talking. Coming back to life. Hey you. A great day for freedom. Sorrow. High hopes. Another brick in the wall : part two. Disque 2 : The dark side of the moon : Speak to me. Breathe. On the run. Time. The great gig in the sky. Money. Us and them. Any colour you like. Brain damage. Eclipse. Encores : Wish you were here. Comfortably numb. Run like hell

Babylon by bus

Bob Marley (1945-1981)

Positive vibration. Punky reggae party. Exodus. Stir it up. Rat race. Concrete jungle. Kinky reggae. Lively up yourself. Rebel music (3 o'clock roadblock). War / no more trouble. Is this love. Heathen. Jamming

Strange brew : The very best of Cream


Badge. Sunshine of your love. Crossroads. White room. Born under a bad sign. Swlabr. Strange brew. Anyone for tennis ? (the savage seven theme). I feel free. Politician. Tales of brave ulysees. Spoonful

Pronounced leh'nerd skin'nerd

Lynyrd Skynyrd

I Ain't the one (03:53). Tuesday's gone (07:32). Gimme three steps (04:30). Simple man (05:57). Things goin' on (04:59). Mississippi kid (03:56). Poison whiskey (03:13). Free bird (09:18). Bonus : Mr. Banker (demo) (05:22). Down south jukin' (demo) (02:57). Tuesday's gone (demo) (07:55). Gimme three steps (demo) (05:19). Free bird (demo) (11:09)

Hotel California


Hotel California. New kid in town. Life in the fast lane. Wasted time. Wasted time (reprise). Victim of love. Pretty maids all in a row. Try and love again. The last resort

Permission to land

Darkness (The)

Black shuck. Get your hands off my woman. Growing on me. I believe in a thing called love. Love is only a feeling. Givin' up. Stuck in a rut. Friday night. Love on the rocks with no ice. Holding my own

The very best of Elton John

Elton John (1947-....)

CD 1 : Your song. Rockeet man (I think it's going to be a long, long time). Honky cat. Crocodile rock. Daniel. Goodbye yellow brick road. Saturday night's alright for fighting. Candle in the wind. Don't let the sun go down on me. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Philadelphia freedom. Someone saved my life tonight. Pinball wizard. The bitch is back. CD 2 : Don't go breaking my heart. Bennie and the jets. Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Song for guy. Part time love. Blue eyes. I guess tht's why they call it the blues. I'm still standing. Kiss the bride. Sad songs. Whispers. I don't wanna go on with you like that. Sacrifice. Easier to walk away. You gotta love someone

Non homologué

Jean-Jacques Goldman (1951-....)

Compte pas sur moi. Je te donne. Famille. La vie par procuration. Parler d'ma vie. Pas toi. Bienvenue sur mon boulevard. Elle attend. Délires shizo maniaco psychotiques. Je marche seul. Confidentiel

Purple rain

Prince (1958-....)

Let's go crazy. Take me with u. The beautiful ones. Computer blue. Darling Nikki. When doves cry. I would die 4 u. Baby I'm a star. Purple rain

Honorary citizen

Peter Tosh (1944-1987)

CD 1 : Jamaican singles : Pound get a blow. Fire fire / The Wailers. You can't fool me again / P. tosh. Rightful ruler / U. Roy, P. Tosh. Black dignity. Here comes the sun. Here comes the judge. Leave my business. Arise blackman / P. Tosh. Once bitten / P. Tosh & THe Wailers. Dog teeth / P. Tosh. Lion. Can't blame the youth. No mercy. Mark of the beast / P. Tosh & The Wailers. No sympathy / The Wailers. Legalize it version. Dracula (vampire version). Bumbo klaat / P. Tosh. CD 2 : Live : Rastafari is. Coming in hot. Future (spoken). Mystic man. Glass house (spoken). Glass house. Not gonna give it up. Johnny B. Goode. Rock with me. Get up stand up. Get up stand up (acoustic version) / P. Tosh. CD 3 : Hits & Classic album cuts : African. Igziabeher. Ketchy shuby. Downpressor man. Stepping razor. Equal rights. I'm the toughest. Bush Doctor. Creation. (You gotta walk and) Don't look back. Reggae-Mylitis. Fools die. No nuclear war / P. Tosh. Honorary citizen / Pauline Morris


Led Zeppelin

Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11). Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11)

Down to the waterline ; Water of love ; Setting me up...[etc.]

Dire Straits

aussi : Six blade knife. Southbound again. Sultans of swing. In the gallery. Wild west end. Lions

Appetite for destruction

Guns n' roses

Welcome to the jungle. It's so easy. Nightrain. Out ta get me. Mr. Brownstone. Paradise city. My Michelle. Think about you. Sweet child O' mine. You're crazy. Anything gœs. Rocket queen

The Best of. volume one

B. B. King (1925-2015)
Ace records

You upset me baby ; Every day : I have the blues ; Five long years ; Sweet little angel ; Beautician blues ; Dust my broom ; Three o'clock blues ; Ain't that just like a woman ; I'm king ; Sweet sixteen : part one ; Sweet sixteen : part two ; Whole lot of lovin' ; Mean ole frisco ; Please accept my love ; Going down slow ; Blues for me ; You don't know ; Early every morning ; Blues at sunrise ; Please love me.

Texas flood

Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990)

Love stuck baby. Pride and joy. Texas flood. Tell me. Testify. Rude mood. Mary had a little lamb. Dirty fool. I'm cryin. Lenny

Back in black


Hells bells. Shoot to thrill. What do you do for money honey. Given the dog a bone. Let me put my love into you. Back in black. You shook me all night long. Have a drink on me. Shake a leg. Rock and roll ain't noise pollution

Best of

Alan Parsons Project (The)

Don't answer me. Eye in the sky. I wouldn't want to be like you. Games people play. Time. Pyromania. Lucifer. Psychobabble. Old and wise. Mammagamma. I robot. Sirius. Prime time. Let's talk about me. Too late

Au-delà du délire


Godevin le vilain. Les longues nuits d'Isaac. Si j'étais le messie. Ballade pour une orgie. Exode. La bataille du sucre (inclus la colère des dieux). Fils de lumière. Au-delà de délire

Made in Japan - 25th Anniversary Edition

Deep purple

CD 1 : Made in Japan : Highway Star. Child in Time. Smoke on the Water. The Mule (drum solo). Strange Kind of Woman. Lazy. Space Truckin'. CD 2 : The Encores : Black Night. Speed King. Lucille

Bad girls : deluxe edition

Donna Summer (1948-2012)

Bad girls : remasterisé : Hot stuff. Bad girls. Love will always find you. Walk away. Dim all the lights. Journey to the centre of your heart. One night in a lifetime. Can't get to sleep at night. On my honor. There will always be a you. All through the night. My baby understands. Our love. Lucky. Sunset people. Disque 2 : 12" singles & more : I feel love. Last dance. Mac Arthur Park suite. Hot stuff. Bad girls. Walk away. Dim all the lights. No more tears : enough is enough / duo avec Barbra Streisand. On the radio : version longue

The collection

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

CD 1 : Off the wall : Don't stop 'til you get enough. Rock with you. Workin' day and night. Get on the floor. Off the wall. Girlfriend. She's out of my life. I can't help it. It's the falling in love. Burn this disco out. Don't stop 'til you get enough (1978 demo). Workin' day and night (1978 demo). CD 2 : Thriller : Wanna be startin' somethin'. Baby be mine. The girl is mine / avec : Paul McCartney. Thriller. Beat It. Billie Jean. Human nature. P.Y.T. (Pretty young thing). The lady in my life. CD 3 : Bad : Bad. The way you make me feel. Speed demon. Liberian girl. Just good friends. Another part of me. Man in the mirror. I just can't stop loving you. Dirty Diana. Smooth criminal. Leave me alone. Streetwalker. Todo mi amor eres tu (I just can't stop loving you). Fly away. CD 4 : Dangerous : Jam. Why you wanna trip on me. In the closet. She drives me wild. Remember the time. Can't let her get away. Heal the world. Black or white. Who is it. Give in to me. Will you be there. Keep the faith. Gone too soon. Dangerous. CD 5 : Invincible : Unbreakble. Heartbreaker. Invincible. Break of dawn. Heaven can wait. You rock my world. Butterflies. Speechless. 2000 watts. You are my life. Privacy. Don't walk away. Cry. The lost children. Whatever happens. Threatened

Les années CBS


CD 1 : Trust : Préfabriqués. Palace. Le matteur. Bosser huit heures. Comme un damné. Dialogue de sourds. L'élite. Police- milice. H & D. Ride on. Toujours pas une tune. CD 2 : Repression : Antisocial. Monsieur comédie. Instinct de mort. Au nom de la race. Passe. Fatalité. Saumur. Le mitard. Sors tes griffes. Les sectes. CD 3 : Marche ou crève : La grande illusion. Le sauvage. Répression. La junte. Misère. Les brutes. Certitude... solitude.... Marche ou crève. Les templiers. Ton dernier acte. CD 4 : Idéal : Par compromission. Varsovie. Les armes aux yeux. Idéal. Le pouvoir et la gloire. Purgatoire. Le pacte. La luxure. Jugement dernier. CD 5 : Rock'n'roll : Chacun sa haine. Mongolo's land. Paris (album version). Les notables. Avenir. Serre les poings. I shall return (Je reviendrai). Rock'n'roll star. Surveille ton look. CD 6 : The back sides : Show business. Limousine. Toutes barricades. Préfabriqués (remix 93). Darquier. Jack le vaillant (inédit). CD 7 : Repression : Antisocial = Atisocial. Mister comedy = Mr comedy. In the name of the race = Au non de la race. Death instinct = Instinct de Mort. Walk alone = Passe. Paris is still burning = Saumur. Pick me up - Put me down = Fatalité. Get out your claws = Sors tes Griffes. Sects = Sectes. Le mitard = Le mitard (En français). CD 8 : Savage (Marche ou crève version anglaise) : The big illusion = La grande illusion. The savage = Le sauvage. Repression = Répression. The junta = La junte. Mindless = Les brutes. Loneliness = Certitudes... Solitude.... Work or die = Marche ou crève. The crusades = Les Templiers. Your final gig = Ton dernier acte. CD 9 : Man's trap (Idéal version anglaise) : Hell on the seventh = Compromission. Uptown martyrs = Varsovie. Have a care for a shadow = Les armes aux yeux. Fireball = Idéal. Power of the knife = Le pouvoir et la gloire. Black angel = Purgatoire. Against the law = Le pacte. Man's trap = Jugement dernier. "84" = La luxure. CD 10 : Répression dans l'hexagone (Live Nantes la Beaujoire 29 novembre 1980) : Disque 1 : Nantes 29 Novembre 1980. Darquier. Au nom de la race. Présentation concert. Instinct de mort. Sors tes griffes. Les sectes. Police m ilice. Monsieur comédie. Saumur. Fatalité. Telex. Préfabriqués. Palace. Le matteur. Disque 2 : Passe. H & D. Présentation groupe. Le mitard. Antisocial. L'élite. Ride on. Bosser huit heures. Toujours pas une thune. Problem child. Live wire. Paris is still burning

La Fete de la Chanson Française 2015

Patrick Bruel (1959-....)

CD 1 : She's gone / Patrick Bruel. On ira / Zaz. Jeanne / Laurent Voulzy. Sixème continent / Nolwenn Leroy. À nous / M. Pokora, Nyco Llliu & Marc Antoine. Le jour se lève / Garou. Ça ira / Joyce Jonathan. Ameno / Vincent Niclo & Les Choeurs de l' Armée Rouge. Poupée de cire, poupée de son / Jenifer. Et alors ! / Shy' m. Envole-moi / M. Pokora & Tal (Génération Goldman). Parlez-moi de lui / Chimène Badi. Vivre d' amour / Natasha Saint-Pier. Tomber dans ses yeux / 1789 Les Amants de la Bastille, Louis Delort, Camille Lou. Méditerranée / Les Stentors. Tourner la page / Zaho. Oh la / Brice Conrad. Coups et blessures / BB Brunes. Dusty men - Feat. Charlie Winston / Saule. So far away from L.A. / Nicolas Peyrac & Sofia Essaidi. CD 2 : Voici les clés / Gérard Lenorman & Tina Arena. L' effet papillon / Bénabar. Si mes larmes tombent / Christophe Willem. Il nous faut / Elisa Tovati & Tom Dice. Des pères, des hommes et des frères / Corneille. Celui / Colonel Reyel. Peut-être que peut-être / Patrick Fiori. Comme des enfants / Coeur de Pirate. Écris l' histoire / Grégory Lemarchal. En apesanteur / Calogero. À nos actes manqués / M. Pokora. Tu trouveras / Natasha Saint-Pier. Je ne sais pas / Joyce Jonathan. Être une femme / Anggun. Manhattan - Kaboul / Renaud & Axelle Red. J' en rêve encore / Gérald De Palmas. Tu ne m' as pas laissé le temps / David Hallyday. C' est toi / Dany Brillant. Voilà c'est fini / Jean-Louis Aubert. Belle / Garou, Daniel Lavoie & Patrick Fiori. CD 3 : Un autre monde / Téléphone. Foule sentimentale / Alain Souchon. Mon mec à moi / Patricia Kaas. Elle a les yeux revolver / Marc Lavoine. L' aziza / Daniel Balavoine. Attention mesdames et messieurs / Michel Fugain. Femmes je vous aime / Julien Clerc. La dernière séance / Eddy Mitchell. Les mots bleus / Christophe. Mistral gagnant / Renaud. Qui saura / Mike Brant. Du côté de chez Swann / Dave. Mes mains sur tes hanches / Salvatore Adamo. Mon vieux / Daniel Guichard. Alexandrie Alexandra / Claude François. Confidence pour confidence / George Schultheis. Pour le plaisir / Herbert Léonard. J' ai encore rêvé d' elle / Il Était Une Fois. Une autre hstoire / Gérard Blanc. À toute les filles / Felix Gray & Didier Barbelivien. CD 4 : Souvenirs souvenirs / Johnny Hallyday. Daniela / Les Chaussettes Noires & Eddy Mitchell. Est-ce que tu le sais / Sylvie Vartan. Tous les garçons et les filles / Françoise Hardy. La chanson de Prévert / Serge Gainsbourg. Scoubidou / Sacha Distel. Bambino / Dalida. J' entends siffler le train / Richard Antony. Le jazz et la java / Claude Nougaro. Le lion est mort ce soir / Henri Salvador. Enfants de tous pays / Enrico Macias. Santiano / Hugues Aufray. Et maintenant / Gilbert Bécaud. C' est si bon / Yves Montand. Chanson pour l' Auvergnat / Georges Brassens. La foule / Édith Piaf. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? / Charles Trenet. J' me voyais déjà / Charles Aznavour. Ne me quitte pas / Jacques Brel. Comme d' habitude / Claude François. CD 5 : Les démons de minuit / Images. Macumba / Jean-Pierre Mader. Femme libérée / Cookie Dingler. En rouge et noir / Jeanne Mas. Africa / Rose Laurens. Voyage voyage / Désireless. Nuit de folie / Début De Soirée. Besoin de rien envie de toi / Peter & Sloane. C' est la ouate / Caroline Loeb. Coeur de loup / Philippe Lafontaine. Femme que j' aime / Jean-Luc Lahaye. Eve lève-toi / Julie Piétri. Je te survivrai / Jean-Pierre François. Chacun fait (C' qui lui plaît) / Chagrin d' Amour. Il est libre max / Hervé Christiani. Mise au point / Jakie Quartz. C' est l' amour / Léopold Nord & Vous. Ça plane pour moi / Plastic Bertrand. V.I.P. / Françoise Hardy. Et tu danse avec lui / C. Jérôme