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24 avril 2018

Les dix premières secondes suffisent pour trouver le titre d'une chanson culte.

En êtes-vous certain? Testez votre culture musicale des musiques et intros célèbres...


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Come hell or high water

Deep purple

Highway star. Black night. Twist in the tail. Perfect strangers. Anyone's daughter. Child in time. Anya. Speed king. Smoke on the water

Hotel California


Hotel California. New kid in town. Life in the fast lane. Wasted time. Wasted time (reprise). Victim of love. Pretty maids all in a row. Try and love again. The last resort


Led Zeppelin

Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11). Black dog (4:56). Rock & roll (3:41). The battle of evermore (5:52). Stairway to heaven (8:03). Misty mountain hop (4:39). Four sticks (4:45). Going to california (3:32). When the levee breaks (7:11)

Greatest hits

Queen (Paris)

Bohemian rhapsody. Another one bites the dust. Killer queen. Fat bottomed girls. Bicycle race. You're my best friend. Don't stop me now. Save me. Crazy little thing called love. Somebody to love. Now I'm here. Good old fashioned lover boy. Play the game. Flash. Seven seas of rhye. We will rock you. We are the champions

Forty licks

Rolling Stones (The)

Disque 1 : Street fighting man. Gimme shelter. (I can get no) satisfaction. The last time. Jumpin' Jack flash. You can't always get what you want. 19th nervous breakdown. Under my thumb. Not fade away. Have you seen your mother baby?. Sympathy for the devil. Mother's little helper. She's a rainbow. Get off of my cloud. Wild horses. Ruby tuesday. Paint it, black. Honky tonk women. It's all over now. Let's spend the night together. Disque 2 : Start me up. Brown sugar. Miss you. Beast of burden. Don't stop. Happy. Angie. You got me rocking. Shattered. Fool to cry. Love is strong. Mixed emotions. Keys to your love. Anybody seen my baby?. Stealing my heart. Tumbling dice. Undercover of the night. Emotional rescue. It's only rock'n'roll. Losing my touch

Number ones

Stevie Wonder (1950-....)

Fingertips. Uptight (everything's alright). Blowin' in the wind. I was made to love her. Signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours. Superstition. You are the sunshine of my life. Higher ground. Living for the city. You haven't done nothing. I wish. Sir Duke. Master blaster (jammin'). That girl. Ebony and ivory (with Paul McCartney). I just called to say i love you. That's what friends are for. Part-time lover. Overjoyed. So what the fuss

Boys don't cry

Cure (The) (groupe)

Boys don't cry. Plastic passion. 10.15 saturday night. Accuracy. So what. Jumping someone else's train. Subway song. Killing an arab. Fire in Cairo. Another day. Grinding halt. Three imaginary boys



Disque 1 : Thunderstruck. Shoot to thrill. Back in black. Sin city. Who made who. Heatseeker. Fire your guns. Jailbreak. The jack. The razors edge. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Moneytalks. Disque 2 : Hells bells. Are you ready. That's the way i wanna rock'n'roll. High voltage. You shook me all night long. Whole lotta Rosie. Let there be rock. Bonny. Highway to hell. T.N.T.. For those about to rock (we salute you)

Back to black

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Rehab. You know I'm not good. Me & Mr Jones. Just Friends. Back to black. Love is a losing game. Tears dry on their own. Wake up alone. Some unholy war. He can only hold her

The best of Visage


Fade to grey : original version. Mind of a toy. Visage. We move : remix. Tar. In the year 2525. The anvil. Night train. Pleasure boys. Damned don't cry. Love glove. Fade to grey : Bassheads 7" Edit

Private investigations : the best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler

Disque 1 : Telegraph road. Sultans of swing. Love over gold. Romeo & Juliet. Tunnel of love. Private investigations. So far away. Money for nothing. Brothers in arms. Walk of life. Your latest trick. Disque 2 : Calling Elvis. On every street. Going home : theme from The local hero. Darling pretty. The long road : theme from Cal. Why aye man. Sailing to Philadelphia. What it is. The trawlerman's song. Boom, like that. All the roadrunning / duo avec Emylou Harris

Familiar to millions


Disque 1 : Fuckin' in the bushes. Go let it out. Who feels love?. Supersong. Shakermaker. Acquiesce. Step out. Gas panic!. Roll with it. Stand by me. Disque 2 : Wonderwall. Cigarettes & alcohol. Don't look back in anger. Live forever. Hey hey, my my. Champagne supernova. Rock'n'roll star. Helter skelter

Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium

Rage against the machine

Bulls on parade. Bullet in the head. Born of a broken man. Killing in the name. Calm like a bomb. Testify. Bombtrack. War within a breath. I'm housin'. Sleep now in the fire. People of the sun. Guerrilla radio. Kick out the jams. Know your enemy. No shelter. Freedom


Nirvana (Groupe de rock américain)

CD 1 : Smells like teen spirits. In bloom. Come as you are. Breed. Lithium. Polly. Territorial pissings. Drain you. Lounge act. Stay away. On a plain. Something in the way. Even in his youth. Aneurysm. Curmudgeon. D-7 (live ar the BBC). Been a son (live). School (live). Drain you (live). Sliver (live). Polly (live). CD 2 : In bloom. Immodium (Breed). Lithium. Polly. Pay to play. Here she comes now. Dive. Sappy. Smells like teen spirit. Verse chorus verse. Territorial pissings. Lounge act. Come as you are. Old age. Something in the way. On a plain. Drain you. Something in the way


Jethro Tull

Aqualung (06:37). Cross-eyed mary (04:09). Cheap day return (01:23). Mother goose (03:53). Wondr'ing aloud (01:55). Up to me (03:14). My god (07:12). Hymn 43 (03:19). Slipstream (01:13). Locomotive breath (04:26). Wind up (06:07). Lick your fingers clean (02:46). Wind up (quad version) (05:23). Excerpts from the ian anderson interview (13:58). Songs for jeffrey (02:51). Fat man (02:56). Bouree (03:58)

La désintégrale

Axel Bauer (1961-....)

Reveille toi (inedit). A ma place / En duo avec Zazie. Laisse venir. Cargo. Metamorphosis (live). Mens-moi. Revolution / Avec Catherine Ringer, Fred Chichin et Jean-Louis Aubert. Qui me protège ? (inedit). Eteins la lumiere. Jessy. Personne n'est parfait. Simple d'esprit. Le jardin sauvage. 00 zen (live)

Dies irae

Noir désir

Disque 1 : La rage. Here it comes slowly. Ici Paris. One trip one noise. Alice. Les écorchés. Le fleuve. Oublié. Tostaky. Sober song. It spurts. Disque 2 : Johnny Colère. The holy economic war. La chaleur. A l'arrière des taxis. Marlène. Long time man. No no no. What I need. Lolita nie en bloc. I want you : she's so heavy. En route pour la joie

Mistral gagnant

Renaud (1952-....)

Miss Maggie. La pêche à la ligne. Si 't'es mon pote. Mistral gagnant. Trois matelots. Tu vas au bal ?. Morts les enfants. Baby-sitting blues. P'tite conne. Le retour de la pépette. Fatigué