French learning

You want to improve your french but you don't know how or where to start with ?

You will find here advice and the best resources to help you.


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French learning

First, you may want to test your level in french.

Then, there are many ways to learn french, thanks to books or digital resources. Here are some of the best resources, selected for you :

Best online resources :

  1. Le point du FLE : on this website, you will find listening and reading comprehension, courses about letters and alphabet, and other various activities.
  1. Lexique FLE : this website, created by two french-for-foreigners teachers, is mainly useful to get or improve french vocabular. It is based on a range of images, sorted by themes (body, family, house, numbers) et associates to each image the written word and the sound, to work on vocabular, orthograph and pronunciation alltogether.
  2. BBC Languages French : this very complete page was created by the BBC. It is no longer updated, but all resources are still avalaible. You will find there a level test, online courses, vocabulary and grammar.

In Roubaix Library

You can find in Roubaix Library all necessary books to improve your french :






Come in Roubaix Library to discover our French for foreigners book collection :






How to get help ?

You are lost and don't know what to do ? You can ask for help, many places in Roubaix can support you in your french learning process :

  1. ADEP Roubaix (Association pour le développement de l'éducation permanente) : literacy lessons. Contact : 94 rue Marlot - Roubaix ;
  2. LEC Roubaix (Association Lire, Ecrire, Comprendre) : individual or collective french lessons. Contact : Maison des associations, 24 Place de la Liberté - Roubaix ; or
  3. Amitié Partage Roubaix : "Literacy and culture" workshops. Contact : 21 rue du Maréchal Foch - Roubaix ;


Job search

Learning french is especially necessary to find a job. Here are some tips to help you in your job search in France.

Best online resources :

  1. The leading website is of course Pôle Emploi, especially with its page "Trucs et astuces" ("Tips and tricks").
  2. Monster : this website provides advice for job search ("coaching"), as well as job offers sorted by key words or locations.
  3. L'Etudiant : the page "Jobs, stages, emploi" ("Jobs, internships") can also be useful for non-students.
  4. Mode(s) d'emploi : a very complete blog about work world, with advice to search a job, and job or formation offers.

In Roubaix Library

Find all Library's books on job search :







Come in Roubaix Library to write your CV or motivation letter : personalized help is offered every tuesday from 16h30 to 19h in salle multimédia, on 3rd floor.


Get help

You need help for your job search ? Here are places where you can get advice, have your CV corrected or find job offers : 

  1. Pôle Emploi : two agencies in Roubaix, Roubaix Centre et Roubaix Les prés. Free phone number : 3949.
  2. MIE (Maison de l'emploi) : 78b Boulevard du Général Leclerc - Roubaix.



Improving your french abilities is a good thing, but how to prove your real level, in a CV for example ? Think of certifications ! Many exist, and they can certify your level and enrich your CV :

  1. Certification Voltaire : it's the best-known certification for french, and especially for orthograph. Your official score in orthograph is attested by a certificate. It is very appreciated by recruiters.
  2. There are other certifications for french, here is a more detailed list.